Cyber-security is a niche subject of modern studies. It requires great amount of passion, training and research on day to day basis to emerge as a professional. This is an advanced Penetration Testing & Information Security Training Engineering Program. The course provides an intensive training which will empower an individual with hardcore practical knowledge in a simplified and easily graspable manner. In the course, students will learn how hackers break into the system’s, network, mobiles and website so as to make them aware of the possible loopholes and therefore, making them proficient in reverse-penetration. By doing so, students can create a virtual wall between company's data and the hackers. This course will enable students to carry out attacking as well as defensive methodologies which will help an individual or an organization to not only protect but also assess the safety and vulnerability ratio. There is huge demand and supply gap for professional manpower required in our country and overseas. According to a recent report by Intel Security in partnership with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the global cyber-security workforce will have over 1 million jobs vacancies by 2019. Cyber-security has emerged as a very critical sector in the current decade and this has largely been led by the rising amount of cyber crimes world over. According to an ASSOCHAM study, the reported number of cyber attacks during 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 stood at 13,301, 22,060, 71,780 and 1,49,254 respectively and these are only reported figures, the actual numbers will be way too high.

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