Dr. Ajay, Jaiswal, Associate Professor, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi.

Officer on Special Duty, Institute of Cyber Security and Law.

Joint Director, School of Open Learning.


We at University of Delhi thrive to enable ourselves and our students to cater the future needs of the society and nation. The legacy of University of Delhi makes it imperative for us to deliver long lasting solutions for social, national or in fact global problem of cyber security. The present needs of the society as well as the future envisioned accentuate the dire need of professionals in the domain of cyber security and law. It gives me immense pleasure to share that this unique Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security and Law would be conferred under the aegis of University of Delhi. This diploma program has a blend of cyber security and cyber law for holistic learning of students.

The connoisseurs of cyber security with rich experience as academicians, industry experts, cyber law and cyber security experts have been instrumental in the creation of this diploma program. The pioneers of the industry have facilitated the designing of this course to make it most comprehensive and carve the professionals of cyber security. The course provides rigorous sessions of hands on practical to empower an individual with thorough knowledge in a simplified and easily graspable manner.

I welcome all stakeholders towards a journey to bring more resilient systems and structure in cyber space and contribute to the needs of the Indian Inc and the nation at large.

Dr. Ajay Jaiswal